For many people, teaching is their dream job. But before that dream can become a reality, they must be able to ace a job interview! Teacher interviews are very different from the corporate world. Fortunately, I’ve put together the eight
As teachers, we sometimes shake our heads at the topics our students argue about. Debates about things like the best athlete or the dreamiest celebrity…really, the sky is the limit when it comes to silly arguments. Now and then, though,
A new word is increasingly dominating all conversations about education: “online.” From online courses to online resources, more and more of the educational curriculum focuses on connecting students to the broader world. However, the internet is a double-edged sword when
One thing that teachers quickly discover is that everyone within the community has an opinion on education. And one of the hottest topics that people love to debate is exclusion vs inclusion when it comes to disruptive students. Each method
What if one small change could handle most of the behaviour problems in your classroom? It sounds like the empty promises of an internet pop-up ad. But in this case, “one quick trick” really works to mitigate most disruptions. What’s
As educators, we love to promote collaborative learning among students. But are you focusing enough on teacher collaboration? Teachers working together can accomplish far more than they can by working apart. And this collaboration makes their work more manageable while
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