Digital Stress: A Guide for Teachers

In theory, smartphones should help make everyone—well—smarter. After all, we have access to the total of all human knowledge in our hands. So, why does it make us feel worse instead of better?     Many people (especially our students)
Test anxiety is very real. Even the very best students might stumble when the test lands on their desks. As teachers, our job is to help our students. But how can you help students freaking out about a test? Keep
We often hear that teaching is more than a job. Most teachers enjoy their career because of the connections they make with their students. However, what if making such connections were almost impossible? Class sizes are getting larger and larger
In theory, teaching is all about meeting new people. Teachers work with students and their parents throughout the year. Nonetheless, the job can feel a bit lonely at times. The reason for this is simple: most of us don’t get
Schools have changed a lot in recent years. However, one thing has remained unchanged: attendance awards. On paper, such awards are a good idea because they encourage good attendance. And we all know that regular attendance is linked to good
The word “smartphone” is a trigger to certain headteachers and educators. Why is this? Simple: smartphones often distract students and disrupt classes.

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