Training Risk Assessment, Injury Prevention and Drugs Examples
Skill Classification and Practice Structures Examples
Goal Setting and Information Processing Examples
Optimising Performance - Guidance and Feedback Examples
Mental Preparation, Arousal and Personality Examples

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Training Risk Assessment,
Injury Prevention & Drugs

  • Pre-Activity Readiness, Hazards
    Sports Injuries & Prevention
    (Fracture, Concussion, Sprain
    and Abrasion)
  • Performance Enhancing Drugs
    (Steroids, Beta Blockers, Diuretics,
    Narcotics, Growth Hormones,
    Stimulants, Blood Doping &

Skill Classification &
Practice Structures

  • Types of Skills
  • Skill Classification
    (Open, Closed, Massed,
    Complex and Simple)
  • Organisation
  • Practice Structures
    (Fixed, Massed, Varied,

Goal Setting & Information

  • SMART Target Setting
    (Measurable, Achievable,
    Realistic, Time)
  • Information Processing Model
    (Input, Selective Attention,
    Decision Making, Output)
  • Performance Assessment and

Optimising Performance,
Guidance & Feedback

  • Types of Guidance (Visual,
    Verbal, Manual, Mechanical)
    Feedback (Intrinsic, Extrinsic
    and Concurrent)
  • Terminal Feedback
  • Training & Data Analysis –
    Identifying Strengths and

Mental Preparation, Arousal
and Personality

  • Psychological Preparation
  • Types of Mental Preparation
    & Methods,
  • Benefits of Mental Rehearsal
  • Arousal in Sport
  • Personality Types
    (Introverts, Extroverts and
    Motivation; Awards, Prizes
  • Money & Trophies
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